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ARK Shelter Software is a comprehensive animal shelter management software system designed to process information on people and animals.

Easy to Learn and Use
ARK Software was designed by Animal Shelter and Control specialists along with professional software developers to be both powerful and intuitive and easy to use. A standard Windows application, it takes advantage of both keyboard and mouse driven data entry.

Complete Data and Error Checking
All data is checked by the computer for validity; you cannot “break” the program. The program guides you through the normal steps. If any errors do occur, you are informed of the situation and instructed on the proper course of action.

Built-in graphs for analysis
Many important areas will be graphed for you as a selection of pie and bar charts. You can quickly see trends in Animal Intake, Animal Disposition, Adoptions, Mailing Codes, Financial Information, Animal Licensing, and many more! A wonderful way to see how your organization is doing.

Custom Reports
You can design new custom reports and modify any existing report or pre-printed form in ARK on your own.

Extensive Password Protection
Individual personal and financial information is safeguarded. Each user has his or her own password, so you can assign access to menus, reports, data screens, and even inquire-only status to any user. Our data tracking and auditing features also enhance the security of your data.

Network Support
ARK Software operates smoothly and easily in a Network environment, and configures itself as multi-user accordingly. There is no additional charge for extra workstations.

Internet Integration
ARK7 Software will even build a Web page of adoptable animals and post it online for you, all you have to do is link to it. Your data can also be uploaded to Petfinder.com.

Video Tutorials
The answers to most of your questions are right on your screen in the video tutorials included with ARK7. They explain and demonstrate how get the most out of ARK7, from just starting up to advanced report writing.

The Best Software Support in the Business!
You automatically receive an initial 90-day free support period, with extended additional support available at a nominal charge anytime! We use remote operation software so we can actually share your computer with you for the best possible software support and training.